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Scribe Report Generator
Vendor: Gestalt Corporation,


logo_scribe.gif Introduction to Scribe
Scribe is based on graphical programming concepts, allowing the users to define the process of retrieving data from the database tables, performing the necessary calculations, creating pie, bar and line charts, and formatting data for printing. Scribe performs all these tasks in the form of an executable graphical flowchart. Printing is done through WYSIWYG page layout forms (print templates).

In addition to reporting database data, Scribe can also update database tables by inserting, updating and deleting rows, using graphical flowcharts with database-editing components.

Scribe is written in Java and can be deployed on Windows and Linux platforms. Its functionality can be extended by adding custom Java code; third-party Java applications can run reports programmatically using the Scribe API library.

In summary, Scribe is a very powerful report generator, that can be used for the following tasks:
  • Convert any kind of data into meaningful information (i.e. generate reports)

  • Get total control over layout and presentation for your reports

  • Combine data from multiple and disparate databases into one or more reports

  • Automate the production of reports

  • Publish reports over the Web or e-mail

And, best of all, you can do all of the above without having to become a programmer or struggle with SQL!

Scribe also has functionality for:
  • Scheduling reports for periodic execution in the background

  • Extracting data from the database(s) and exporting it into an ASCII file

  • Cascading reports in a drill-down fashion

  • Enforcing security based on a user access mask

The Scribe Products
Scribe is available in two versions. The Personal edition is limited to one database connection and the Enterprise version can have multiple connections.

When using the Enterprise version you can connect to the same database under different identities, gaining access to different schemas within the same report. Or, in the case of a mixed environment, with different database systems (say, Mimer SQL and Oracle) one can create a report in Scribe, pulling some data from Mimer SQL, and other data from Oracle, etc.

Additional Info

Connect to Mimer SQL
It is simple to connect Scribe to Mimer SQL databases. The following picture shows the connection dialogue using the DB adaptor for Mimer SQL. The "connection" in Scribe's terminology means an entry ticket that allows the program to connect to the named database server, running on a given host/port, using a specific login account/password, etc.


Last updated: 2013-12-10


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Powered by Mimer SQL