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SQL4X Manager J
Vendor: MACOSGURU Team, a part of InterServices New Media,


SQL4X Manager J is a professional tool to access and manage database servers with Mac OS X. It automatically recognizes your database server and helps you to do your work with more than 80 assistants and tools - from table and user management to SQL queries with syntax coloring, data transfer and reporting.

SQL4X Manager J is a comprehensive graphical Interface for web and database developers to access any JDBC compliant database server. You can choose between a terminal-like graphical SQL Console with SQL syntax coloring and table name auto-completion to execute your own SQL commands and a fully graphical schema and table browser.

Among recent features the Entity Relationship Modeller can be mentioned. It supports reverse engineering of existing databases.

Additional Info

See the article Mimer SQL and SQL4X manager J for a description on how to connect to Mimer SQL.


Last updated: 2009-10-27


Powered by Mimer SQL

Powered by Mimer SQL