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Vendor: Sybase Inc.,


PowerDesigner 7.0 - The first true enterprise solution for Object/Relational Analysis and Design

This next generation modeling tool combines the functionality leading database design with powerful UML based object modeling to create the first totally integrated object/relational analysis and design environment. PowerDesigner 7 solves the mismatch involved in persisting object-oriented applications in a relational database. If that is not enough, PowerDesigner 7 also helps you take the first steps in creating distributed applications using UML based class diagrams to model your application objects and then automatically generate PowerBuilder non-visual objects (NVO) and Java.

PowerDesigner 7 has successfully completed beta testing and is coming to a Sybase sales office or reseller near you! Watch for more information regarding the general release of PowerDesigner 7, and watch for PowerDesigner's soon to be announced exciting virtual web-launch. An Object/Relational party on the web!

Be ready to join the new paradigm - become an "Object/Relational power designer!"


Last updated: 2002-12-11


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