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Vendor: Whitemarsh Information Systems Corporation,


wiswebcolor.png Whitemarsh’s software is a CASE repository system, called Metabase that captures and manages database project work products.

The entire product line has been developed through a single, unified, and integrated product organizational structure that causes all the training, consulting, software products and methodologies to be closely aligned.

The Whitemarsh Metabase Software System’s client applications are 32 bit software, and have been tested under Windows 95/98, NT, 2000 Pro & Server, XP Prof., and Windows 2003 Server (Standard Edn).

Metabase Components
The metabase concept implemented as a database application includes:
  • Missions, Organizations, and Functions

  • Database Objects

  • Business Information Systems

  • Business Events

  • Specified Data Models

  • Implemented Data Models

  • Operational Data Models

  • View Models

  • Data Elements

Whitemarsh has implemented these into discrete database applications with Clarion for Windows by the SoftVelocity Corporation. Clarion for Windows was chosen because it meets the Whitemarsh requirements of sophisticated code generators coupled with sophisticated metadata management within its environment. Metabase environments are distributed to Whitemarsh website members in the form of SQL loadable metadata. The data management engine of the metabase is SQL via ODBC. Access to metabases can be through ODBC clients such as Crystal Reports.

Metabase Benefits
The complete set of metadata components map onto the complete life cycle of database application, that is, its:
  • Specification

  • Implementation

  • Operation (and maintenance)

The following is a partial list of benefits attained through the use of a metabase. A metabase will:
  • Assist top management in identifying the resources required to build an information system.

  • Provide discipline and control for the design process.

  • Provide a structured approach to conceptual design.

  • Enhance the application development process through the utilization of prior work.

  • Provide a management facility for monitoring database projects.

  • Allow for the nonredundant storage of data definitions and business policies that produce greater consistency throughout the

Additional Info

For details on how Metabase and Mimer SQL can be used together, please refer to, where the Whitemarsh Metabase Software System is used with Mimer SQL Engine as the backend DBMS.


Last updated: 2013-12-10


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