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BEA Tuxedo is the backbone for enabling transactions that stretch from front-end e-commerce applications to back-office processes, across any system, anywhere in the world. With BEA Tuxedo, you’ll gain rock-solid, easy-to-manage-and-maintain enterprise systems that deliver competitive advantage by enabling you to rapidly launch new products and services. And because BEA Tuxedo integrates with BEA WebLogic Server, you can cost-effectively take advantage of the most advanced Java-based platform.

BEA Tuxedo is a fundamental component of the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform™ that businesses everywhere rely on to support their distributed, business-critical applications.


Some of the main benefits when using BEA Tuxedo are:

  • Business-critical reliability. BEA Tuxedo has been tested and proven in thousands of the most demanding mission-critical applications.
  • Virtually unlimited scalability. As demands increase, additional servers can be added on the fly without disrupting ongoing operations.
  • Simplified development. You can focus on enterprise applications while BEA Tuxedo handles the underlying complexity of distributed applications.
  • Unparalleled high-performance. BEA Tuxedo is designed for large-scale, Web-to-mainframe enterprise solutions.

Additional Info

For details on how to use Mimer SQL with BEA Tuxedo, please see the article Distributed Transactions with Mimer SQL and BEA Tuxedo.


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