About Mimer SQL

How do I report a bug or get a solution to a problem I see?

If you have a valid Mimer SQL support agreement you can be in touch with our support team in any way described at the Support & Training page, preferably the dedicated support web can be used.

Otherwise, use the Mimer SQL Questions page to get feedback from Mimer SQL technicians or other customers that may have the answer to your question.

Where can learn more about the different products that Mimer can supply?

To get the big picture of Mimer SQL you can turn to overall Mimer SQL web site, or, if you want a more technical overview, see the Mimer SQL Overview page.

Where do I turn to ask questions regarding licensing and pricing?

For questions about commercial licensing, pricing, products, support, consulting, training, etc. – please contact the Mimer SQL Sales Team or use our Contact page.