Ready-Steady-Go! – Reliable and Secure

  • Installed and up and running in minutes
  • Non-locking concurrency control totally eliminates all locking overhead and deadlock hazards
  • Automatic on-line database reorganization ensures that Mimer SQL is always available – no need for hands-on maintenance
  • On-line backup that can be totally automated and run without disrupting users and applications
  • Immediate restart after system failure, meaning that the system goes accessible in seconds, performing all consistency verification in the background Referential integrity – domains – stored procedures and triggers
  • Self-tuning DBMS kernel
  • Tight operating system integration reduces the need for product-specific skills
  • Checksum on database pages, allowing the database server to easily verify the integrity of individual database pages
  • Small footprint makes distribution, installation and deployment easy
  • 24×7 availability
  • Fine-grained access control system including full view-support
  • Flexible load/unload for database objects and data

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Performance and Scalability from Hand-held Devices to Enterprise Servers

  • The same DBMS functionality on a wide range of computer platforms, from small personal hand-held devices to large multi-CPU enterprise servers with hundreds or thousands of concurrent users
  • Unique scalability – the same application can be executed on almost any kind of hardware platform, without any need for changes
  • Deploy applications in environments with limited memory resources
  • Small footprint
  • Available for various device platforms, such as Windows Mobile and Android. Customization is possible
  • Complete SQL support including: stored procedures, triggers, functions, Unicode collations, automatic upgrade, referential integrity and wide set of datatypes
  • Client/server connectivity for different network protocols; e.g. serial, LAN, IR, WirelessLAN, Bluetooth
  • Can act both as client to other Mimer SQL servers or as a server for other Mimer SQL clients
  • Designed to be embedded
  • Multi-user environment
  • Full transactional support

The World Champion in Standard Conformance!

  • SQL-2016. The SQL-2016 standard has replaced the former standards as the current SQL standard. Full support for NIST’s Transitional SQL standard for SQL-92
  • Stored procedures according to ISO’s Persistent Stored Modules (PSM) standard
  • Database triggers and functions according to SQL:1999
  • Binary and Character Large OBjects (BLOB/CLOB/NCLOB) support according to SQL:1999
  • Multi-database transactions (two-phase commit) conforming to Open Group’s XA-standard
  • Support for Java ME CDC Foundation Profile and Java ME CLDC/MIDP
  • Java EE compliant interfaces including Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) support and native connection pooling, data source handling and XA distributed transaction access
  • Native ODBC 3 driver
  • Support for Windows’ COM+ and Distributed Transaction Control (DTC)
  • Unicode support according to the latest standard from the Unicode consortium (ISO/IEC 10646)
  • Multilingual sorting support according to SQL:1999 Collations standard
  • Support for “With Hold” cursors according to SQL:1999. I.e. cursors remains open after COMMIT


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