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This new version brings new platforms, enhanced features and improved performance to the Mimer SQL product. Currently packages for the macOS, Linux X86, Linux ARM, Linux RISC-V and OpenVMS platforms are released, and Windows is soon to come.

The key highlights of Mimer SQL Version 11.0.8 are described a little more below.

Platform specifics


Both IA64 and x86 versions are now available, providing flexibility and choice to users based on their existing and coming system architectures.

In spring of 2023 Mimer SQL released the first relational database for OpenVMS/x86. This is a follow-up version for building cross-compiled applications for this platform. Mimer SQL for OpenVMS on X86 has the same functionality as the corresponding Itanium release.


Mimer SQL 11.0.8 for macOS is a Universal Binary version, compatible with both Intel x86 and Apple’s own ARM hardware, Apple Silicon. This product includes binaries optimized for both x86 and ARM in the same package. This ensures seamless integration with the latest hardware architectures, as well as the earlier ones, delivering optimal performance and user experience.


With version 11.0.8, Mimer SQL now fully supports Linux on the RISC-V platform.

General Achievements

Security Enhancements

Mimer SQL continues its commitment to security and safe systems by implementing additional measures to protect sensitive data. With version 11.0 client/server communication can be encrypted easily without struggling with digital certificates.

Performance Enhancements

Version 11.0.8 introduces significant performance enhancements across multiple facets. Higher transaction concurrency, improved handling of Common Table Expressions (CTE) and SQL aggregates, and optimized arithmetical operations collectively contribute to a boost in database performance. Users can expect a more responsive and efficient system for their critical operations.

Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

Version 11.0.8 addresses reported bugs and introduces stability improvements, ensuring a reliable and smooth experience for users.

Download and Further Reading

At our download site, Mimer SQL 11.0.8 is available for immediate download for macOS, OpenVMS, Linux, Linux ARM and Linux RISC-V.

Also see the Mimer SQL Documentation Site for all the relevant documentation to get going. The Release Notes for this version is provided within the distribution packages, respectively.