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We proudly present Mimer SQL as the first relational database product available on OpenVMS for the x86 architecture!

Mimer SQL 11.0.8 is now available for OpenVMS on both the x86 platform as well as the traditional Itanium CPU environment.

The x86 product runs on computers based on the x86 CPU using the 64-bit Instruction set. Since this is a full-featured implementation of Mimer SQL, applications can run on X86 and access Mimer SQL locally and on any other platform, or applications can run on other platforms and access the database server on OpenVMS x86.

Applications on OpenVMS can be developed on x86 and linked with Mimer SQL. In addition, a cross-development package can be used, where the applications are built on Itanium and then deployed on x86. There are two distribution packages available for this:

  • Mimer SQL 11.0.8A OpenVMS (x86_64) [Beta test]
  • Mimer SQL 11.0.8A OpenVMS (IA64) [Beta test] – Library package for cross-development to x86_64

These packages are available for free at the OpenVMS download site.

For further information please refer to the Mimer SQL on OpenVMS article and also the What’s new in Mimer SQL 11 article covering some main subjects about Mimer SQL 11.

Of particular importance is the support for database access from the Python language. The Mimer SQL Python adapter can be used with Mimer SQL on OpenVMS.

If you want to discuss integration and migration projects in this area, or if you just have questions to be answered, please let us know.