Ensure that You Maintain Portability

All too often people find themselves locked into a specific DBMS because their SQL code doesn’t conform to the SQL standard.

Here at Mimer Information Technology, we pride ourselves on conforming to the SQL standard and we play an active role in the Database Languages standardization group which determines exactly what is SQL standard. For further information, see our specific SQL standard page.

You can be certain that your SQL conforms to SQL standards by using our unique Mimer SQL Validators.

Mimer SQL Validators

Many applications lack portability between different DBMS products due to vendor-specific lock-ins! By using our on-line Mimer SQL Validators, you can easily verify that your SQL statements conform to the SQL standard.

Mimer SQL Validator provides you with vital information on your SQL code. Does it conform to Core SQL? Does it use features outside Core SQL? Is your SQL statement incorrect or incomplete? Mimer SQL Validator gives you the low down on your code and helps you by providing a list of lexical units (tokens) and a suggested correction. Also, use the validator to find out exactly which words are vendor-reserved.


SQL Validator

The following chart summarizes the Core SQL standard features that can be validated.

The following chart summarizes the Optional SQL standard features that can be validated.

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