Mimer SQL on Blackberry QNX

In September 2022 was the partnership between ETAS and Mimer announced. In this cooperation ETAS offers Mimer SQL 11 as an implementation of the Persistence Functional Cluster in their version of the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, called RTA-VRTE. This implementation is running on QNX and Mimer SQL 11 for QNX was elevated to an official port and is now generally available.


QNX is a leading high level operating system for real-time applications. It is widely used in the automotive business and is a key platform for that area. Mimer has previously ported Mimer SQL to the QNX operating system as a customer project but this port has now matured and is one of our official ports.


Mimer SQL 11 for QNX has been verified to run on the following hardware and operating system combinations:

  • NXP S32V board (QNX 7.0)
  • Renesas H3 board (QNX 7.1)
  • Raspberry Pi4 (QNX 7.1)

The package contains all binaries needed, as well as installation and operation documentation. A development license will be issued on a per customer basis and is part of the deliver request, as outlined below under the heading “Availability”.


Mimer SQL on Blackberry QNX is not available on Mimer’s download pages but a distribution that is sent out to interesting parties after initial contact. If you would like to try out Mimer SQL on QNX, please send an email to info@mimer.com with your request.


Mimer SQL on Blackberry QNX is a special packaging of Mimer SQL 11 without a formal installer. Due to requirements in how to set up a QNX system, once unpacked needs Mimer SQL to be prepared together with the operating system in order to create a bootable and runnable image for the target environment. This process is outlined in the documentation and also part of the support we provide for our Mimer SQL on Blackberry QNX evaluation users.