WinSQL is a homogeneous solution for heterogeneous environment – A universal database tool that works with almost every database available in the market today.

By connecting to Mimer SQL with an SQL query/designer tool, your ability to work with the database will greatly improve. By doing this, it will make querying the database a much easier task because you can use several third-party reporting and querying tools. The article A SQL query/designer tool for Mimer goes through the necessary steps on how to connect to Mimer SQL through ODBC from WinSQL.

What can it do for you?

Universal Connectivity

Connect to a variety of databases, including Mimer SQL.

Data Migration

Import data from any database and export it to another back-end with a simple drag-n-drop.

Dynamic Executables

Generate royalty-free executables that can be used by your business users to run queries. These can be either static or dynamic queries that pull fresh data from the back-end.

Schema and Data Diff

Generate schema and data diff reports between two similar back-ends, such as your development and production DB.

Works with MS Excel

Export or simply open any query results into MS Excel with just a click of your mouse. You can even import an existing Excel spreadsheet to a database table by simply dragging an *.XSL file in the catalog tree.

E/R Diagram

Easily visualize your database design by either letting WinSQL draw the diagram or you create it manually.