Here are the Mimer SQL distribution packages for the Linux operating system. For packages that supports embedded environments, like QNX and Android, please be in touch.

These packages include a free default license for testing and development, that allows up to ten concurrent users. For license upgrades, please contact Mimer SQL sales.

The guide called Mimer SQL Getting Started on Linux can be found at the Mimer SQL Documentation site, along with the complete documentation for Mimer SQL in general and related products.

Note! Categories below saying “headless” means that packages without any GUI components are provided, mainly aimed for installations where this is superfluous and not asked for (like in limited target environments or in database server host environments, for example).
Also, when selecting a category below, packages are provided for different versions of OpenSSL. Here it depends on what is installed on the target host machine. Verify this by issuing the “openssl version” statement on the target host linux machine, and select a package that matches the answer.

Mimer SQL for Linux

Linux (64-bit)
    Linux ARM, headless (32-bit)
    Linux RISC-V, headless (64-bit)
    Linux (32-bit)

      Can’t find what your looking for? Contact us!

      If you are downloading or using a Beta test version from us, and the built-in test license key has expired, please do contact us to get an updated key or a recommendation on how to proceed.

      When downloading, you will receive an e-mail with a download link to follow. If the e-mail does not show up in your mailbox, please check your Spam folder.