DbVisualizer is a feature rich, intuitive and cross platform database tool for developers and database administrators providing a single powerful interface for a variety of databases.

DbVisualizer supports simultaneous database connections, it lets you explore and manage database objects, execute SQL queries, edit data, visualize information and a lot more. For the exact details of what DbVisualizer can accomplish, please do the DbVisualizer Feature Tour.

DbVisualizer runs on all major operating systems, and it is relying 100% on the API’s for JDBC, Java Database Connectivity.


DbVisualizer is available in two editions, DbVisualizer Free, which is free for commercial and non commercial use, and the commercial DbVisualizer Pro. The differences between the two can be seen in the DbVisualizer Feature List.

Additional Info

DbVisualizer is bundled with Mimer SQL. The DbVisualizer product bundled, includes database specific support for Mimer SQL. Yet, there may be functionality in the DbVisualizer Pro edition that may be of great interest for Mimer SQL database developers and users. For example, the complete Explain functionality for the Mimer SQL Experience database server, used to show the SQL execution path and cost for a statement, is available here.

To get DbVisualizer Pro, please contact DbVis Software AB.

Example session

Mimer SQL is tightly integrated with DbVisualizer. As an example, see the article Mimer SQL and DbVisualizer using JDBC on Mac OS, where the Mimer SQL access and some features are described.