ADO.NET is an object-oriented interface for accessing and manipulating data in the Microsoft .NET environment. It simplifies the development of multi-tier database applications for web, for traditional client/server environments and for mobile solutions.

The Mimer SQL Data Provider is tightly integrated in the Visual Studio development environment, enabling rapid development of Mimer SQL applications in Visual Basic, C++, C#, J#, and other .NET compatible languages Support for the Visual Studio Server Explorer is included.

With the Mimer SQL Data Provider you can access all kinds of Mimer SQL servers, such as Mimer SQL Experience and Mimer SQL Engine. The database can reside locally on your device/computer or on other network nodes.


With a Mimer SQL database server, a Mimer SQL Data Provider, and Microsoft Visual Studio you have a very powerful combination of tools that let you create advanced .NET applications for various application areas, in an ease-of-use manner.

Mimer SQL Data Provider is integrated in Visual Studio and supports several versions such as Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2022. The integration is done in several different places such as Visual Studio Server Explorer. The documentation is integrated with Microsoft’s own documentation in Visual Studio Help Viewer. Support for Intellisense allows documentation of methods and properties etc. as these are used in Visual Studio. There are also wizards for configuring the MimerDataAdapter and dialogs for creating MimerCommands without writing a single line of SQL.

For code examples, please see the ADO.NET developer article.

For further details, please see the User’s Guide and the Reference Manual for the Mimer SQL Data Provider.


You can download the Mimer SQL Data Provider from the Download Page.

The Microsoft .NET Homepage is found at

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