Mimer SQL - Always free for development!

Mimer products are free for development and evaluation. You can download free development versions of Mimer SQL products here. Development versions contain the complete product, i.e. no functionality disabled, and a built-in license key is included.

  • Mimer Data Provider

    • .NET Framework

    • .NET Framework 2.0 (incl. Compact)

  • Mimer JDBC

    • Java EE and Java SE

    • Java ME CDC/Foundation Profile

    • Java ME CLDC/MIDP

  • Mimer SQL

    • HP Alpha Server, OpenVMS

    • HP Integrity Server, OpenVMS

    • Linux (32-bit)

    • Linux (64-bit)

    • macOS

    • Windows (32-bit)

    • Windows (64-bit)

Commercial use. For questions about commercial licensing, pricing, products, support, consulting, training, etc. – please contact the Mimer SQL Sales Team or use our Contact page.

Mimer SQL Embedded. If you are looking for Mimer SQL Embedded, then just download Mimer SQL for any of the main platforms to get started and contact us to find out how we can build the perfect embedded solution for you. The core of Mimer SQL is the same on any platform.

Note! If you have any questions on specific products, platforms or versions, please let us know. Or, if you cannot find what you are looking for, take a look at, where older versions of our products can be found.