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A new beta version of the Mimer SQL Data Provider is now released. The Mimer SQL Data Provider allows .NET clients to access Mimer SQL Database servers. This provider is referred to as Mimer SQL Data Provider 11.0.1A for .NET Framework and .NET Core.

News in version 11.0.1A includes:

  • Support for .NET Core 3.1.
  • A Mimer SQL Data Provider NuGet package which can be installed in both .NET Framework and .NET Core projects.
  • A new graphical utility called Mimer SQL Monitor that can be used to interactively view the cost of SQL statements executed by the Mimer SQL database server.
  • Support for Mimer SQL version 11 database servers.
  • Support for the new column type BUILTIN.UUID, which is a globally unique identifier.
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019.
  • Support for distributed transactions and automatic enlistment. Allows transactions to span several Mimer SQL databases and/or other resource managers.
The Mimer SQL Data Provider 11.0.1A is available for download at our download page. Also, have a look at the updated Mimer SQL Data Provider documentation.