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We can now proudly present Mimer SQL 11 as a released product!

This major version of the Mimer SQL product has brought many new features, as well as an updated and future-proof internal structure, to the product that has been around in production plants for several decades. In addition, performance and speed has been thoroughly elaborated leading to top class figures.

Read more about some of the highlights in the article What’s new in Mimer SQL 11. Just to give a taste o what we are talking about:

  • Full support for SQL-2016 core as well as 137 extended features.
  • Support for 327 Terabyte cache and/or in-memory server
  • 4 Exabyte is maximum size of each databank file
  • Out of the box cloud support with Docker and Kubernetes integrations
  • Extended security features with state-of-the-art network encryption

The first Mimer SQL 11 on the scene is the one on 64-bit Linux, and soon other platforms will follow. You are welcome to download it from our download page. It is free to get started!