In Product News

The Mimer Development team has been working on porting the Mimer SQL Embedded database management server (DBMS) to Green Hills Software’s real-time operating system INTEGRITY. We are proud to announce that this project now is finished! The port includes all the functionality that is available in the Mimer SQL Embedded product, meeting all expectations for a modern DBMS.

The port of Mimer SQL Embedded to INTEGRITY uses only native primitives, meaning that there is no need for the POSIX compatibility component. Regarding connectivity between clients and the database server, Mimer SQL supports both local connections as well as TCP/IP communication. Furthermore, runtime memory requirements can be adjusted as needed and the code size can be reduced for runtime devices with limited memory.

You are welcome to get in contact with us if you want to try Mimer SQL Embedded on Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY RTOS.