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Mimer SQL for Android is “plug and play”, meaning no integration work and no extra lead time related to new Google releases, simply “pull in kick out” without affecting the code. Using Mimer DDS, Dynamic Database Switch, means that one single ROM gives the possibility to change in run time between SQLite and Mimer SQL.

With Mimer SQL on Android you will see the following advantages:

  • Concurrency is handled very well due to multi-threading support and one task can be executed on several cores, which boosts performance and saves battery.
  • The battery capacity is improved.
  • You will get better performance without any degradation.
  • The device gets more memory efficient.
  • You get an enterprise class level database in the device supporting real security.

Mimer SQL is still at its best performance with encryption enabled, SQLite gets 30-40% slower performance with encryption enabled, Mimer SQL is not affected at all. This is a problem for Android 5 especially for the coming m-release where encryption is mandatory.

See for yourself at youtube!