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Trustonic and Mimer jointly offers a secure architecture for data management using Mimer SQL and Trustonic’s Trusted Execution Environment. Trustonic is a world-class provider of cybersecurity solutions for protecting smartphones, critical mobile apps, wearables, IoT devices, healthtech and automotive systems.

Mimer SQL is using a Trusted Application running inside Trustonic’s Trusted Execution Environment. The database encryption key is stored in a hardware isolated secure storage, well protected from potentially malicious code running in the rich execution environment. This solution has several advantages – the key is protected but also easily accessible for the Mimer server to use when needed. The security is increased substantially with almost no loss in performance.

Kinibi is Trustonic’s Trusted Execution Environment operating system which can execute Trusted Applications on a device using ARM TrustZone technology. The TEE is used to protect and isolate sensitive assets, such as sensitive code or information. Kinibi has been integrated in over one billion devices of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and IoT devices

To solve the problem of database encryption key storage, Mimer SQL is leveraging Trustonic’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), Kinibi, to provide a hardware isolated secure storage for the encryption key. All code execution that uses the key, such as encryption and decryption, is executed by Mimer’s Trusted Application running in the TEE. This way, the key is protected from potentially malicious applications or code running in the Rich Execution Environment. Mimer’s Trusted Application is also completely isolated from other Trusted Applications that may exist in the TEE. The architecture of the solution can be seen in figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Architecture overview of Mimer SQL’s integration with Kinibi.

For further details see the white paper, “Mimer SQL utilizing Trustonic’s Trusted Execution Environment

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About Trustonic

Trustonic is a provider of cybersecurity solutions for protecting smartphones, critical mobile apps, wearables, IoT devices, healthtech and automotive systems.

Trustonic’s solutions utilise the Trusted Execution Environment (“TEE”) on devices, a ring-fenced, highly secure area of the main processor that guarantees sensitive data is stored, processed and protected in a trusted and physically isolated environment.

Trustonic’s hardware-backed security platform is embedded in over 2 billion devices and provides unique security solutions for app developers in banks, payment platforms, automotive manufacturers, government bodies and mobile network operators.

About Mimer

Mimer Information Technology is a Swedish software company and the developer Mimer SQL, a database which is used in mission critical systems worldwide. The Mimer SQL product family range covers database management technologies from embedded systems to enterprise servers. Mimer SQL has been deployed in more than 100 million mobile phones and is a cross OS and platform-independent database with a strong support for the broadest range of embedded and automotive architectures. No matter what device or solution it might be, Mimer SQL fits perfectly and shows superior performance, safety and security. The development of Mimer SQL started as early as in the 1970s and Mimer Information Technology AB has headquarters in Uppsala and offices in Stockholm and Beijing, China.