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Mimer is now releasing a complete reference design of the Mimer SQL database server for Google Android 7.0. This includes the full feature, high performance Mimer SQL database server combined with full compatibility support for the Android content providers Calendar, Contacts, E-mail, Media and Telephony.

Mimer SQL for Android is a zero maintenance database server with a high and predictable performance that makes it possible to avoid the common performance deteriorations commonly experienced when using the builtin database on the Android platform. The non-locking concurrency control in Mimer SQL that fully utilizes the modern multi core hardware architectures improves the performance and scalability even further.

Mimer SQL for Android brings a lot of added value for android devices:

  • Mimer SQL for Android is a “plug and play” product with no integration work and no extra lead time related to new Google releases. It is simply a “pull in kick out” operation without affecting the current code. By using the Mimer DDS switch, one single ROM gives the possibility to change in run time between SQLite and Mimer SQL.
  • With Mimer SQL Android, devices will get better performance without any degradation so the experience of daily operations is always the same, when the device is new and after some months usage. Degradation in performance is a big experience problem and all OEMs are suffering from this situation.
  • With Mimer SQL the concurrency is handled very well due to multi threading support, which boosts performance and saves battery (using the cores more efficient).
  • Mimer SQL will improve the battery capacity, a task can be executed on several cores.
  • With Mimer SQL the device gets more memory efficient. Mimer SQL boosts the device meaning a low end HW with Mimer will perform better in many cases compared to a high end device with SQLite.
  • With Mimer SQL Android, devices get an enterprise class level database in the device supporting real security.

The functionality of the Mimer SQL database server, including the Android database API compatibility, improves the performance in the content providers up to 3 times or even more on an Android device compared with using the multiple instances of the built-in SQLite database manager. And this without any changes to applications and the content providers provided by Google.

In addition to the Android database API compatibility, the full feature enterprise class database functionality in Mimer SQL is available for application developers using standard Java and C/C++ application programming interfaces.

For more information about Mimer SQL for Android, please contact your local Mimer SQL representative, send an email, or use our contact form.