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Trustonic partners with Mimer to provide Automotive cybersecurity solutions and announces the availability of Mimer Trust

Cambridge, United Kingdom – 8 March 2022 – Cybersecurity technology leader Trustonic Limited today announces its partnership with Mimer Information Technology AB, a leading software company providing SQL databases used in mission-critical systems worldwide. The first result of this partnership is the launch of Mimer Trust. A new secure product that combines the strengths of Mimer’s SQL database and Trustonic’s secure platform Kinibi. Mimer Trust offers secure data management. Initially focused on the automotive industry, this will enable innovations from Tier 1s and OEMs related to secure storage and management of data.

The evolution of the connected vehicle architecture enables vehicle manufacturers to provide new services and enhanced experiences to customers. This evolution requires the collection, processing, storage, and sharing of huge amounts of data both within the vehicle and with the world around it, and presents many new challenges and opportunities related to privacy and security.

By combining the power of a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and an embedded SQL database, Trustonic and Mimer are solving the challenge of secure data access inside the vehicle. With the launch of Mimer Trust, OEMs can continue to build applications and services leveraging the Mimer SQL database (such as user profiles, vehicle history details, software version numbers, or event/accident data recorder). This approach ensures that every piece of data is fully protected from unauthorised access, tampering, or modification.

Trustonic’s Secure Tablestore is an enhancement to Kinibi and uses the secure file system for the storage of sensitive information such as user profiles or vehicle performance information. Secure Tablestore adds support for transactional structured storage providing full ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Integrity, Durability) protection across complex multi-table writes. It also enables support for secure ‘blockchain’ ledgers, giving strong guarantees on data authenticity.

As software becomes an intrinsic part of the automotive industry, it will also increase the risk of cyber threats against the vehicle. Trustonic’s Kinibi TEE and related trusted applications and Mimer’s SQL database ensure that relevant data is protected against cyber threats and remains available with flexible data management. Trustonic’s TEE is already integrated with multiple chipset vendors’ automotive platforms and is being used by OEMs around the world.

Andrew Till, GM Secure Platforms at Trustonic said: “We are excited to be partnering with Mimer to bring Mimer Trust to market. By leveraging Kinibi as a platform for innovation and creativity the challenges of protecting and managing the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of the data is addressed. With robust new industry cybersecurity regulation coming into force the need for this solution is clear and the potential use cases and applications are endless.”

Fredrik Malmström, EVP Sales & Marketing, at Mimer said: “Our partnership with Trustonic and the launch of Mimer Trust will provide major advantages for the connected vehicle industry. By combining our technologies, we can offer mission-critical data management such as accessibility, availability, the integrity of data and still offer best-in-class hardware-level security coupled with software app protection. Mimer Trust makes it possible to manage and protect data in a flexible innovative way to meet the need for new services and enhanced user experience. With the software-defined vehicle, managing a large amount of data in a secure environment has become even more critical.”

About Trustonic

Trustonic powers trust in technology by embedding security into smart devices and connected cars, for businesses to innovate and embrace new opportunities with peace of mind. Using best-in-class hardware-level security coupled with software app protection, Trustonic secures revenue, powers innovation, and ensures reliability.

Based in Cambridge, UK, Trustonic was initially created from a joint venture between ARM, Thales, and G&D. Today, it counts the world’s leading car manufacturers, financial institutions and mobile operators as customers, as well as every tier one Android handset manufacturer.

About Mimer

Mimer Information Technology AB is a Swedish software company and the developer of Mimer SQL, a database that is used in mission critical systems worldwide. The Mimer SQL product family range covers database management technologies from embedded systems to enterprise servers.

Mimer SQL has been deployed in more than 100 million mobile phones and embedded devices. Mimer SQL is a cross-OS and platform-independent database with strong support for the broadest range of embedded and automotive architectures. No matter what device or solution it might be, Mimer SQL fits perfectly and shows superior performance, safety and security. Mimer has its headquarter in Uppsala, Sweden and offices in Stockholm and Beijing, China.

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